I was born an animal lover and aspired to work with them as soon as I was old enough to say so. In 2006, I accepted a job as a Veterinary Assistant and ended up working for one of the busiest clinics in Northwestern Ontario for five years. On my days off, I worked at a popular salon in Thunder Bay assisting the groomers and prepping the pups for their haircuts.  

I've always been a hands on and creative person and when I was offered an apprenticeship to learn how to groom all breeds, in 2011, in my hometown, it seemed like an obvious fit for me. So, to Brandon I came with my two Shelties, Opus and Epic and Sammy, my tortoiseshell cat. Opus was my learning aid and soon I became very good at desheds and double coats by maintaining him and Epic. Meanwhile while learning how to clip and scissor, Opus pushed the boundaries with his behavior. He's a hard working dog in his own mind. He keeps busy circling, pacing and herding inanimate objects. He made me get our butts to class. We've participated in herding, flyball, agility and obedience classes to try to curb his ever active mind. Together, we have learned so much.
My pack of canines has grown as well. November has become the official shop dog. She was brought in by The Brandon Humane Society one day as I had donated a groom. She fit right in to place. Initially she was very shy and she still has a hard time with people, but she has a very important role here. She understands a worried dog and she has a way of instilling confidence in them once their parents leave. She is calm for other dogs when they need it and a pro wrestler for the next dog even though she's three legged. It's amazing.


In February of 2014 Grassroots opened its doors and I've been so grateful for the support of the Brandon Community. I've been blessed with the girls who have walked through the door wanting to be a part of my little shop on Rosser.    I'm grateful for them and we are all grateful for your continued patronage.  Thank you!



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